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06 may 2017

Father of the Belarusian holography Leonid Tanin

Father of the Belarusian holography Leonid Tanin

Dark pictures come to life only when the light ray falls on them. Even photo and video aren’t able to reproduce this reality: put out your hand and try to touch the subject matter. So the hologram deceives our vision that reflects the real image of the object as color, volume and mobility.

Leonid Tanin can be called as the father of Belarusian holography. He was symbolically born in the year of creation of the three-dimensional image and devoted 50 years of his life to this unusual type of art. Thanks to him Belarus takes the advanced world position in the field of creation of holographic products. He doesn’t make boast of achievements from his humbleness and hides from prying eyes his hologram portrait.

Hologram should be produced in hushed silence and dark. Any silence and airflow make washed-out image.You can capture an art object with a laser in a few minutes but preparation takes weeks and even months.

This year 3D picture celebrated 70th anniversary. And in this case age can be called young: the way of the holography in the world of high-tech future is just beginnin



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