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25 may 2017

The thinnest hologram is invented

The thickness of the new development of scientists is less than a thousand times the human hair. So thin holograms have not yet been in the world.  

It is reported that the development can be built into TVs, computers and smartphones. In comparison with the conventional hologram, it is much more modern, besides three-dimensional. You can see the development without special 3D glasses. This innovation of information technology will greatly facilitate the use of modern phones and other gadgets.
The work of conventional holograms consists in modulating the phase of an electromagnetic wave to create an illusion of three-dimensional space. To have a sufficient phase shift, it is necessary to follow the thickness of the holographic elements. It should not be shorter than the wavelength of visible light.
To create a new development, scientists needed innovative material, which serves to strengthen the necessary phase shifts. Now the authors of the development plan to prepare on its basis the thinnest film for liquid crystal screens. So holography will become much closer to the world of gadgets.



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