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Why is it necessary?

Holographic product is unique through its multifunctional application. Depending on the application field and marketing policy of a company, a hologram can perform the following functions:

  • a means of product guarantee;
  • promotes company image;
  • attracts customers trust;
  • enhances competitive strength of a product;
  • produces a particular economic impact which appears in sales volume increase and sales promotion of a product;
  • holograms with numeration or other accounting information contribute to sales volume control;
  • carries enterprises’ and customers’ counterfeit protection, guarantees services authenticity of a manufacturer;
  • an effective means of product advertisement and a trademark promotion;
  • is a means of attention attraction thus making it easier for a customer to make the right choice among a wide selection of products;
  • implements preservation of stamp, signature, digital information onto accompanying documents; 
  • implements unpacking control (holograms with a special seal damage in a case of being unstuck);
  • strengths a trademark culture of an enterprise;
  • holograms with numeration assist in lotteries and goods drawing organization, providing customers with prize vouchers and gift certificates;
  • creates a feeling of technological progress involvement;
  • assists in a stocktaking performance of any object;
  • can be used onto discount cards;
  • a vital element of marketing policy development.



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Why is it necessary?