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Holographic coins

 Soft metals embossing technigue

The first holographic coin "Cycle racing" was produced in Belarus in 2006. Our company experienced this technology in cooperation with Kazakhstan Mint by order of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus.The image on the coin was reached by nickel matrix embossing (in this case – silver).


At present we cooperate with Kazakhstan and St. Petersburg Mints for the purpose of holographic coins and medals production. A joint production technology of holographic coins and medals production is worked out together. We are also interested in testing of metal embossing technology with other mints and plants. Holographic embossing is attractive not only on medals and coins, but also,  medallions, ingots of precious metal, pendent and other objects made of soft metal.

Currently our company produced 2 commemorative coins andin 2010 in honor of the 20th anniversary of the National Banktogether with the National Bank of Belarus we producedcommemorative banknote of 20 000 rubles.The banknote was hot stamped by special stamp with a logo of "NBRB" with a vignette and the figures "1991-2011”.



For cooperation, please, contact the commercial department by phone +375-17-280-98-78, +375-17-281-77-34 or send a request with an offer to


Holographic foil

Attractive design; highly original; eye cathing; distinguishes the product among the competetive goods; counterfeiting protection.
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