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Hologram development - is a complicated physical-chemical process which consists of the definite successive operations.  The process of hologram  development can be divided into several stages: 

  • Hologram requirements specification development  
    At this stage hologram design is discussed; consideration of images, print, optional elements occurrence takes place (microtext, hidden images, additional identification elements if necessary).

  • Master-matrix creation
    Master-matrix is the basic element for product creation and duplication. Each company has a specific master-matrix creating technique which is a “know-how” of the company. It often happens that this matrix can’t be used at the equipment of other producers.
  • Operating matrixes creation  
    Operating matrix is a tool for holographic materials embossing, i. e. in contrast to master-matrix, it is solid enough and is a copy of master-matrix.
  • Duplication  
    Duplication is made at special equipment where the process of microrelief transfer to the definite material takes place.
    After embossing process further processes depend on the required result: either a holographic label or hot-stamping foil.
  • Adhesive coating, holograms graving  
    When hot-stamping foil is produced it is coated with thermosetting adhesive. Afterwards this foil is used for adpressing at gilding presses. When making silicon labels we use silicon paper with adhesive coating. Depending on the type of foil we can get tamper-evident labels, tamper-evident labels with partial failure, ordinary labels.
    Afterwards by means of cutting dies or cutting plotter labels are shaped according to the customer’s order.
Standard production period of the first order – 21 days since the design determination, further (repeat) orders – a few days.



Holographic foil

Attractive design; highly original; eye cathing; distinguishes the product among the competetive goods; counterfeiting protection.
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