For 22 years of work in the local and international markets, we have achieved significant success in the production of protective holographic products designed for marking and identifying a wide range of goods, securities and documents.

But time does not stand still. Decisions on mandatory labeling of commodities established at the legislative level in the EEU countries (primarily in the Russian Federation) indicate the need to modernize production facilities by equipment for applying appropriate labeling.

Commodities subject to mandatory labeling:

Why equipment from this particular manufacturer?

The cost of manufactured inkjet printers compares favorably with the prices of similar equipment from other manufacturers. The use of UV inks in its technology due to their high adhesion to various surfaces is the most correct way to solve a wide range of tasks, since it has the following advantages over other printing technologies:

  • the possibility of high-speed printing of variable information on various types of materials on non-absorbent and absorbent surfaces, as well as on materials with an increased reflection coefficient;

  • image stability for a long time;

  • lack of solvents in the composition, while high adhesion of UV paints;

  • no prepress cycle;

  • contactless piezoelectric technology;

  • the same cost of printing on any print run;

  • printing as well  on both straight, as on cylindrical surfaces;

  • ease of use, compactness;

  • short-term equipment changeovers from one print run to another;

  • the integration of a digital marker that prints with UV inks is possible almost in any technological equipment of the customer and does not require large investments. 


  The costs with digital inkjet printing with UV inks are successfully solved optionally, together with the order of the necessary complete set for the equipment.

 List of costs:

  • a special UV drying is required after printing;

  • some polymeric materials must be first processed with a corona wire (electric discharger) for better adhesion.


We are happy to help you resolve issues related to the selection, purchase, installation and adjustment of the necessary equipment for applying indirect variable marking, as well as provide warranty and post-warranty service and training for your employees.

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