C1 sheet-fed digital variable data inkjet printing machine is suitable for different materials with different shapes. For example, it can print variable data barcode, two-dimension code, serial No., date code, etc. on bottle cap, glass cup, ceramics, metal and so on. The printing speed is 0-45m/min with physical resolution up to 360dpi.

The resolution can reach 200dpi at the speed of 50m/min. The inkjet printing grade can reach A level and the scanning qualified rate up to 99.9%. The minimum character to be printed is 1mm. The minimum size of two-dimension code printed is 5*5mm.

Sheet-fed featured C1 model can be used for roll to roll printing too when the printing speed is not required too high. It is widely applied to the industries of food, beverage, drug, electronics, hardware, etc., provides enterprises with reliable-quality and suitable-price inkjet printing solutions.

Product characteristics
Model С1
Print head type Industrial piezoelectric print head (KONICA)
Print head life 100 billion actuations per print head
Print head material Stainless steel, Nickel alloys & Epoxy adhesive
Print head width 36mm (single print head)
Nozzle quantity 512 pcs (single print head)
Nozzle rows 2 rows
Printing modules 8 groups
Max. width of printing 288 мм
Расстояние от печатающей головки до материала 0.5mm-2mm
Material feeding way Single piece, roll to roll
Power supply AC 100V-240V, 50Hz-60Hz
Interface type USB 2.0
Printing software MagicData variable data-editing software
SDK Provide interface to support second development
Ink control Negative pressure for ink control, positive pressure for nozzle cleaning
Ink type High-quality Eco-friendly UV ink
Ink color Single color
Curing type UV-LED curing
Printing speed: 0-45m/min. (Affected by material, resolution, environment, platform etc)
Lengthways printing precision 360dpi
Crosswise printing precision 200dpi-1200dpi adjustable
Weight 270KG
Size 1.39m*0.83m*1.50m (print head case+curing case)
Working temperature 5–40 °С
Environment humidity 20%-65% RH
Product Specifications

  • Single sheet or roll to roll feeding platform

  • Industrial piezoelectric printhead with high precision.

  • UV-LED curing with high quality.

  • Eco-friendly water cooling system.

  • Wide range of printed media material.

  • Large applications of inkjet coding and marking

Can be installed online in the platforms as below:    

  • Sheet feeding platform Polishing & laminating equipment
  •  Bottle cap machine

  •  Paging machine

  • Labeling machine 

Print Head

C1 model adopts KONICA all-steel piezoelectric printhead, with compact design and high precision. It can offer a range of solutions to various customer applications.

  • Shear mode, piezoelectric DOD printhead

  • 512 nozzles, 360dpi high resolution

  • Compatible with UV ink with good printing effect

  • Easy to operation with negative pressure ink control

Printing Software

C1 model uses AROJET self-designed MagicData software, which is specially developed for monochrome and multi-color variable data printing (VDP), supporting many types of object to be printed, such as texts, dates, times, graphics, logos, serial numbers, QR codes, barcodes, MICR fonts and photo images.

MagicData software has a friendly interface, easy to understand and easy to operate. Its workflow of editing, modifying, typesetting, integrating, splitting as well as input and output is brief and streamlined. It provides versatile choices to your inkjet printing solution.

Printing Ink

UV ink is a kind of economical, efficient and green eco-friendly ink, which has covered all printing industries. C1 model adopts professional UU-8008-1 type UV ink for inkjet printing. It features fast drying, vivid image and good printing quality as well as below unique characteristics.

  • Inkjet printability

  • Anti-scratch, friction resistance and anti-corrosive

  • Hazardous substance content conforms to RoHS standard. 

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