EM-313W color UV digital printing system launched by AROJET is manufactured by utilizing UV inkjet printing technology and high-quality precision components. It supports four-color/five-color, white ink, varnish or spot color printing. It can print 2000mm long documents at a print speed of up to 50m/min. It supports printing variable data such as bar codes, serial numbers, dates, times, text, logos or images.

It can be equipped with a variety of post-press processing modules, and can also be combined with diverse processing processes, such as cold ironing, glazing, laminating and die-cutting, so to meet your growing personalized needs..

Product characteristics
Model EM-313W
Paper delivery roll to roll
Printing method inkjet
Print head piezoelectric print head
Resolution 600*600dpi 600*1200dpi
Effective printing width 220mm
Print thickness 0.1-0.6mm
Paper tube diameter 76m
Equipment weight 750kg
Ink Eco-friendly UV ink (C.M.Y.K.W)
Applicable materials paper, film;/ self-adhesive/non-self-adhesive (printing test is recommended)
Printing size general 220*2000mm/ variable data 220*400mm
Material parameters width: 100-250mm/ large diameter: 400mm/ weight: 25kg
Equipment size 3540*1000*1410mm(L/W/H)
Printing speed 25m/min(600,1200dpi)/50m/min(600,600dpi)
Curing mode UV curing (LED UV lamp/air-cooled UV lamp)
Ink quantity 22L*5 (1 bottle per color)/detergent 2L*2
Applicable software LabeIMeister RIP/ editing software
Environmental requirements temperature 20-30 degrees/humidity 50-70%
Power 3 AC200V 8KAV(50/60hz)

Product Features:

  • editing software;

  • color separation + Inkjet printing.

 The simple printing process that breaks through technical bottlenecks Extremely low printing cost, excellent printing effect, minimal system investment, digital operation, and limited space occupation make the system have greater market prospects. It is a new generation of printing machine with more outstanding performance.

 It works in a simple process: manual design - document output - digital printing - cross-cutting. Compared with the traditional printing mode, it eliminates the two processes of drying film and plate making, which greatly reduces the cost and improves the production efficiency. 

Variable data printing & Secondary printing &Long-format printing

Color UV digital system can not only edit variable data (such as QR code, bar codes, text, etc.) from CSV file but also widely support variable images in BMP, TIFF, JPG and other formats. The printed materials can be used directly without coating treatment (Treatment before printing is recommended).

The color UV digital printing system is equipped with intelligent secondary printing. It can print special color and variable one or two-dimensional code after one printing, and can also print on the blank label after die-cutting. When the image interval is set to 0mm, a long format with the length of 220mm*2000mm (2mm) can be printed seamlessly

Product Applications:

1) Eco-friendly ink used; Easy to maintain.The portable ink bottle is safe and convenient to change. The printing process eliminates the process of making a version and reduces paper waste. The piezoelectric nozzle can be automatically cleaned, and other parts only need regular maintenance.

2) Supporting white ink printing; Adjustable ink volume. The environmentally-friendly white ink can be directly printed on the substrate without a white background. It can also bring a partial glazing effect on a white substrate. The high-end nozzle ensures controlled flow-level printing for high-quality image and picture.

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