AROJET SP-9600 wide-format digital variable data UV inkjet printing machine adopts KYOCERA industrial piezoelectric printhead with 108mm  wide-format configuration. A small number of printheads can be used to achieve large format inkjet printing, to reduce complicated location adjustment. The printing speed is up to 150mm/min. with photo level resolution and minimum text height of 1mm. High image quality and high resolution and grayscale can be gained.

The UV curing ink used can be printed directly on various materials, suitable for a large variety of printing materials, such as printing variable barcode, two-dimension code, character, number, etc. on glass, acrylic, wood board, ceramic tile, metal plate and so on.

SP-9600’s human-friendly software and optional streamlined printing modes, adapt to industrial online production, and meet customers more extensive inkjet printing requirements.

Product Specifications
Model SP-9600
Print head type Industrial piezoelectric print head (KYOCERA)
Print head life 100 billion actuations per print head
Print head material Stainless steel, Nickel alloys & Epoxy adhesive
Print head width 108mm (single print head)
Nozzle quantity 2656 pcs (single print head)
Nozzle rows 4 rows
Printing modules 4 groups
Max. width of printing 864mm
Distance from print head to material 0.5mm-2mm
Material feeding way Single piece, roll to roll
Power supply AC 100V-240V, 50Hz-60Hz
Interface type USB 3.0 optical fiber data transmission
Printing software MagicData variable data-editing software
SDK Provide interface to support second development
Ink control Negative pressure for ink control, positive pressure for nozzle cleaning
Ink type High-quality Eco-friendly UV ink
Ink color Single color
Curing type UV-LED curing
Printing speed 0-150m/min. (Affected by material, resolution, environment, platform etc. factors)
Lengthways printing precision 600dpi
Crosswise printing precision 200dpi-1200dpi adjustable
Weight 270KG
Size 1.39m*0.83m*1.50m (print head case+curing case)
Working temperature 5–40 °С
Environment humidity 20%-65% RH
Product Features
  • Wide-format inkjet printing, reduce number of printhead.

  • Print speed:
    • Resolution: 600*300dpi, speed: 150m/min.

    • Resolution: 600*400dpi, speed: 100m/min.

    • Resolution: 600*600dpi, speed: 60m/min.

  • KYOCERA print head, durable,long life and high quality.
  • Excellent blackness and high definition.

  • Outstanding inkjet printing stability.

  • The minimum character height printed is 1mm.

  • Can both be installed in customer’s production line and be self-equipped platform

  • 24*7 hours continuous running, improving production efficiency.

Can be installed online in the platforms as below:   

  • High-speed flexographic press
  • High-speed full rotary label printing machine

  •  High-speed gravure press

  •  Automatic inspection machine

  •  High-speed slicing & slitting machine

  •  Varnishing and laminating machine

  •  Paging machine 

Print Head

SP-9600 model adopts KYOCERA industrial piezoelectric print head, with 108mm wide format, which can print much wider content with fewer print heads. Dense ink droplet stable jetting with 2656 nozzles per head and high image quality of 600dpi and five-level grayscale, enable it to achieve high precision and high definition printing effect and bring new opportunities for your business expansion.

  • Ceramic nozzle, high resolution and long service life.
  • Four kinds of ink droplet size.
  • Powerful nozzle compensation function.

  • Automatic substrate thickness measurement. Printed substrate thickness can be up to 50mm.

Printing Software

Model SP-9600 adopts AROJET MagicData printing software, which is customized for variable data inkjet printing. It offers a human-friendly interface to interactively set printer options, manage and maintain print head, and monitor printing status. With easy operation and maintenance of the printer, MagicData greatly enhance print productivity and efficiency. The software provides interface to support the second development, to achieve versatile inkjet printing applications.

  • Ink drop size setting.
  •  Print head temperature setting.

  •  Automatically print selected job in fast mode.

  •  Customized template and layout design.

Printing INK

AROJET wide-format inkjet printer model SP-9600 uses high-quality UV ink. Compared to ordinary ink, UV ink has relatively stable physical properties. It is non-flammable, safe and convenient to transport and use, with no corrosion and no volatility. After inkjet printing, the UV printed content passes through the UV-LED curing system very fast to achieve quick drying. The cured UV ink is high-adhesion, anti-corrosion and friction-resistant with good uniformity, high vivid and excellent quality. UV ink is widely applied to printing industry, provides more delicate and high quality printing to many industries.

AROJET attaches great importance to the ink safety, provides MSDS report of the ink and conducts regular SGS testing for the inks.

  • Eco-friendly. The ink test result conforms to RoHS standard.

  • Outstanding printing adaptability. 

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