Блистерная упаковка с голографической защитой

We offer a blister package with holographic security features. This product was initially produced for certified diamonds packaging.

Due to a transparent “window” the product is not hidden but can be seen almost to its full extent which allows the customer to scrutinize the product before purchasing it.

Function: to discover unauthorized access to the product after its enclosure into the package. Also the product may be used for precious metal bars packaging, for expensive computer devices and commemorative coins.

Currently our company offers several samples of blister package — different sizes and models adopted for certified diamonds:

The package may be of a nonstandard shape and size depending on customer’s requirement. The package design is created by our specialists for any individual customer.

Advantages of this package:
  1. In case the package is entire the customer may be sure that a certified precious stone or any other precious product is authentic;
  2. If there was an access to the product, the holographic security will be damaged but the upper part of the package will remain untouched. It is impossible to substitute this insert by an identical one;
  3. A precious stone is not mechanically damaged or scratched, it is kept safe;
  4. It’s easy to assemble;
  5. Quality of adhesive composition between the upper part and the holographic insert allows to assert that the package remains for a long time (more than two years) in standard conditions of precious stones, precious metals and other products storage.
  6. All package components are produced in the Republic of Belarus.
Blister package with holographic security is appropriate to the following products:
  • computer chips,
  • microcircuits,
  • precious stones,
  • precious metal bars,
  • unique souvenirs and other products according to the customer’s inquiry.
Blister package parts:
  1. Blister made out of PET with holographic label, which except unique design various hidden and unseen elements visible only under UV lights impact.
  2. A holographic insert, which is destroyed when the package is open and is impossible to be restored afterwards. Besides, the insert can be combined with various types of holographic protection.
  3. Resilient support element (it may be a spring made of PET or any other support, for example a resilient base made of foam covered with flock). The package may have no support if the size of the product put into the package is big enough.

The price depends on the package size and quantity. The minimum is 1000 pieces.

Detailed package specification is available to copy in file for download.

Our blister package with holographic insert won a prize “the best package” at “Holo-pack Holo-print 2008” conference in Canada (Toronto).

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