Леонид Викторович Танин

Leonid Tanin
Academician of the International ingeneering academy, the founder, the first general director, shareholder of Holography Industry JSC

Holography Industry JV was founded in 1998 on the base of LLC “Light Magic”. The initiative to establish a national security system for producers and consumers in Belarus and CIS countries was supported by the Administration of the President of the Republic of Belarus, by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus, by the Executive Office of the President of the Republic of Belarus, by the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, by the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Belarus, by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus, by Belarussian GosStandart and a whole range of ministers and departments.

A decisive role in establishment of serial high technological production of holograms was taken by Leonid Tanin, a leading scientist in the field of holography, coherent and nonlinear optics, laser physics, and an academician of the International Engineering Academy.

At the present time he is a chairman of the Board of directors, scientific and technical council, a chairman of counselor of our enterprise. Most of identification and image holograms production technologies were developed under his guidance.

The most important property of Holography Industry JSC is a staff of specialists and experts. Each and everyone is a high-qualified specialist in his area. Our specialists have doctoral and candidate degrees in sciences, physics and optics area.

Special attention is constantly paid to their professional skills improvement. Our specialists know how to implement scientific knowledge into practice.

Holography Industry JSC specializes in holographic products manufacture. Our holograms are used to mark and to identify a wide range of goods, security papers and documents.

Holography Industry JSC would like to present you methods of holographic identification. Each unique image is created by individual projects; moreover original matrix from which holograms are replicated belongs to a Client.

Holograms can not be copied or reproduced by traditional methods.

Holographic security can be applied on a package of different material as well as while packaging or postprinting process.

Hologram is a source of identification; it is bright and plays an important role of attraction customers’ attention.

Undoubtedly, holographic security application requires taking measures in informing Clients about its characteristics. Visual control should be combined with hidden identification elements, and only hologram owners should know about it.

Holography Industry JSC has already produced over 12 billion of holographic marks.

Close cooperation with International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA) guarantees registration of an image, which excludes the possibility of unauthorized duplication of the holographic image ordered by you.

Our customers are the enterprises, who are interested in their product protection. The largest state organisatiobs, various commercial companies of East and West Europe such as perfume products, pharmaceutical, audio and video products manufactures. Goznak of Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and Lithuania are among our valuable clients.

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