Interview – after receiving your resume.

  • higher education;
  • work experience from 3 years;
  • experienced PC user.
  • development of applications in the Sharp C programming language, working with PostgreSL databases;
  • organization of information interaction of the developed programs with various Case Packers and production lines of various models and manufacturers, as well as with various enterprise information systems (1C and ERP);
  • processing of accompanying documentation for the developed applications.
Working conditions:
  • office in the center of Minsk (area of the metro station “Park Chelyuskintsev”);
  • work schedule: from 8-30 to 17-00, lunch from 12-30 to 13-00;
  • irregular working hours;
  • decent level of remuneration, social guarantees;
  • friendly and professional team;
  • probation – 3 months.
Interview – after receiving the resume.
  • availability of a profession by profile;
  • work experience from 5 years;
  • experienced PC user;
  • accuracy, attentiveness.
  • preparation of files using the workstation software;
  • exhibiting of the film using a CTP device;
  • alignment of the exposed film with the plate;
  • finishing of the printing plate;
  • quality control at every stage of production;
  • record-keeping of consumables.
Working conditions:
  • workplace on the basis of JSC "Integral" (Korzhenevskogo st., 14);
  • work schedule: from 8-30 to 17-00, lunch from 12-30 to 13-00;
  • decent level of remuneration, social guarantees;
  • friendly and professional team;
  • probation - 3 months.
Human resource policy of the enterprise

The goal of the HR policy is the effective use of human resources to fulfill the company’s mission.

Our mission is to produce high-quality innovative holographic products together and for the benefit of the our clients’ development, to work for their prestige, safety and success.

The basis of the personnel policy is the leadership of the company’s management and its adherence to the following principles:

  • human resources are the main asset of our company, and an employee in a team of like-minded people is the basis of its success;
  • working conditions should promote its performance in the best possible way, and work should bring satisfaction, the opportunity to be proud of its results and belonging to the company;
  • the value of an employee for the company lies in his professionalism, competence and commitment to its goals. The individual qualities of the person, the ability to learn, orientation towards collective creativity, openness, honesty are important for us;
  • the source of successful advancement in achieving the goal is knowledge. We help improve the professional qualities of our employees and believe that training costs are investments in the present and future of the company, which increase its value.

The fundamental principles of the HR policy of JSC “HOLOGRAPHY INDUSTRY” are implemented through:

  • adherence to a democratic management style, openness to dialogue with any employee, willingness to discuss and resolve issues and problems; realization of the right of each employee to express their opinion before making a decision by top management;
  • adaptation of the organizational structure of company management to changing conditions, a clear statement of goals and objectives, determination of responsibilities, corresponding powers and the procedure for interaction between personnel and departments of all levels;
  • acceptance by all employees of the company of the system of corporate values, professionalism, competence, creativity and initiative in work, cooperation, respect, trust and ethical behavior in the team, loyalty to the company and empathy for common affairs as their own;
  • creation and adapting of workplaces that have everything necessary for productive activity and provided with safe and optimally comfortable working conditions;
  • encouraging the desire for education and self-improvement, supporting the initiative and creative activity of employees, their ideas and new projects aimed at the benefit of the company;
  • formation and continuous improvement of the motivation and stimulation system of personnel to quality work.

The company’s management guarantees a worthy assessment of the contribution of each employee to the achievement of the general goals of the company and social protection in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

An employee of the enterprise, within the framework of the HR policy implemented by the management, must be committed to his enterprise, must independently carry out work to improve his professional level and theoretical knowledge in the position held, must conform to the position held in the new constantly changing market and production conditions.

Director of JSC “HOLOGRAPHY INDUSTRY” Alexander Boboreko

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