JSC “Holography industry”
220012, Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Kalinin Lane, 12
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Chairman of the Board of Directors
Leonid Tanin
Chief Executive Officer
Alyaksandr Babareka
First Deputy Director
Mikhail Loushtshikov
R&D Director
Peter Moiseenko, PhD
Financial Director
Alyaksandr Adamenka
Logistics Director
Dmitry Shumakov
Quality Assurance Director
Kostyk Julia
Production Director
Evgeny Filippov
Deputy Director for Commercial Issues
Vyacheslav Tanin
Deputy Director for Legal and Personnel Issues
Anastasiya Sharupich
Head of Commercial Department
Taisiya Shpak
Head of Customs Clearance Department
Alexey Soloviev
Head of Sales Service
Vladimir Korolev
Sales Specialist
Rakitskaya Olga
Head of Design Service
Vitaly Isakov
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