One of the products manufactured by our company is a holographic laminating pouch. It is also called a laminating pocket for authentication documents, an overlay or simply a laminating pocket for documents.

A pass put in such kind of a pocket gives several types of security. In case of attempt to open-up a holographic layer will be destroyed, that leads to document visual changes and the document will be determined as it was attempted to be imitated. Various security protection are used for holograms (such as micro text, guilloche, moiré) while production of holographic membrane, so if you know the authority body issued this document you will always be able to distinguish it from a fake.

Голографический ламинационный пауч

The laminating pouch may be of different sizes, with one or two “operating” holographic layer. Anyway, your document will be highly protected from a counterfeit and will have a unique image different from any other document.

Besides, a counterfeit will also be controlled by the International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA), the member of which our company is recognized.

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