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It is a finished product which we have in stock (you’ll get more details about the patterns, forms and shapes of these holographic labels in our office having looked through our catalogue of products). In accordance with your desire the  holograms can be covered with printed matter (images, test, numbering) by means of the thermotransfer printer.

It’s a hologram ordered in compliance with your project. For this purpose our designer will create a model of your future hologram on the base of your outline (or your preferences), and then with reference to the model there will be generated a master-matrix of the future hologram. On the grounds of the master-matrix there are created operating matrixes which are flexible nickel plates for further replicating of the image.

A self-adhesive holographic label is a specific complex structure which consists of a few layers. The layers are applied to a thin, optically transparent base — Polyester. One of the layers is a metalized foil, covered by holographic macrorelief.

The label is applied to the object of identification by means of adhesive layer applied on the metallization side.

The main function of these labels is the possibility or impossibility of their repeated usage. You can order 3 types of self-adhesive holographic labels which differ in their ability to be applied repetitively:

  1. Nondestructive labels. If such label will be attempted to be reapplied the image will remain in its base. You can transfer these labels to another object.
  2. Partially destructive. When tried to be reapplied some part of the image remains on the substrate, the other part on the object. These labels are impossible to transfer to another product.
  3. Fully destructive. When tried to be reapplied the image remains on the object, the substrate is fully separated. These label are impossible to transfer to another object.

The reason is that the cost of each project is specific. It depends on the number of values: the size of holographic label, complexity of the form, circulation and frequency of delivery. If the images are applied by thermotransfer printer the price will be a little higher — it depends on the image complexity and the number of symbols.

It’s a complicated high-tech multistep process of master-matrix production. That’s why it takes nearly 3 weeks. But having master-matrix you can order in a relatively short time holographic labels in any quantity.

Master-matrix is the property of the Client who ordered it and may be kept at the Client’s place or at our enterprise. By the way, due to the fact that our company is a full member of IHMA (International Hologram Manufacturers Association) and its adhesion to the rules of this organization, the ability of replication holograms from your master-matrix is excluded.

It’s better when the hologram is in Corel Draw or Adobe Photoshop, it raises significantly the speed of the design development. Nevertheless, it is possible to develop the design by our specialist on the base of your preferences.

Holographic labels are shipped in reels or on the sheets of siliconized paper (frames) with various quantities. The number of the labels may vary.

Customers often write to us, asking numerous questions. The most frequently asked questions are repeated on the site, where the specialists of the company “HOLOGRAPHY INDUSTRY” will answer the most different ones.

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