Flexible packaging is a single- or multilayer film material with flexographic printing and finishing. It gained its popularity due to its versatility and economy. Any type of printing can be applied to flexible packaging. The material not only attracts the attention of consumers, but also meets all environmental requirements: it is easy to recycle and dispose of. The production of flexible roll packaging implies a high degree of product protection, as well as the most effective implementation of marketing objectives to attract consumers.

Flexible packaging

Flexible roll packaging can be composed of various polypropylenes such as metallized, pearl or transparent polypropylene.

  • Metallized polypropylene is a polymer film that is covered with thin layers of metal. Protects against the growth of harmful bacteria, mold and condensation. Tea, coffee, cocoa, chips, snacks, popcorn, chocolate, sweets, etc. are packed in metallized polypropylene packaging.
  • Transparent polypropylene is used for the manufacture of packaging, as well as for product labels. Transparent polypropylene protects packaged goods from chemicals, oils, moisture. It can be used to pack perfumes, cosmetics, drinks, various food products.
  • Pearl polypropylene, or mother-of-pearl, is intended mainly for use in low temperatures. It has the following properties: it has a foam structure, reflects light, it’s economical, and is resistant to fractures in subzero temperatures. It can be used to pack ice cream, curd snacks and other fat-containing products intended for storage in refrigerated chambers.
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