Clichés for transferring holograms to metals

The technology of embossing or transfer of holograms is one of the most high-tech modern processes of the development, creation and production of modern products by their minting from precious metals.

A holographic cliché is a special type of cliché in which the image is formed by a special micro-relief – a hologram, which is obtained by the holographic recording method.

The press for transferring holograms to the product, is usually the same that used for minting coins, but the pressure should be much lower. In this case, the hologram is applied after minting of the coin.

The specialists of JSC “HOLOGRAPHY INDUSTRY” developed a method that allows transferring a hologram onto relief surfaces:

  • preparation of a coin;
  • combined cliche for embossing a holographic pattern with a relief on a coin;
  • ready product.
Stages of the holographic cliché manufacturing process:
  • computer design;
  • holographic recording on a glass plate with photoresist.
Computer design

Computer design

Holographic recording on glass plate with photoresist

Holographic recording on glass plate with photoresist

The recorded image in the form of a microrelief is transferred by galvanoplastics to a nickel plate, which can be used to multiply the hologram.

After metallization of the multiplied image and galvanoplastics, a master matrix is usually created, from which a macro-relief of the future cliche with marks for positioning for the cutting die is formed.

At the final operation of making a cliche, the cliche contour is cut on a cutting die. The durability of the die must be such as to provide an economically justified cost of the cliché.

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