Голографическая фольга

Hot stamping holographic foil is aimed at holographic image transfer to the product by means of polygraphic technique.

An exclusive characteristic of holographic foil is microrelief on metal surface.

Embossing technique allows to generate the surface which is impossible to get with printing inks. There’s a specific feature — possibility to be beyond the scope of the flat printing sheet through the relief existence. Holographic image design may be performed by a continuous (repetitive) pattern as well as by a specially developed image for the customer.

In addition, it is possible to provide additional protective elements in the process of foil developing.

Holographic foil, as well as other holographic images applied to the package, is a sort of identification and at the same time decoration feature which attracts the customers’ attention. It’s really not the least of the factors for the producer in the present competitive environment.

Голографическая фольга
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