If you care about your product security, the hologram is exactly the source of making it effective and original at the same time providing the authenticity of your product.

A product with the hologram is much more attractive than competitors’ product and gets more consumers attention.

Types of holograms

1. A unique hologram

It is created according to your sample (or preferences). The first step is to create a holographic origination which further is used for production of almost unlimited number of holograms. A membership of our company in International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA) proves that each customized hologram is unique. In Madrid, Spain in 2009 we have been awarded with an International prize for “Quality”.

2. The hologram with wallpaper background and customers data

Is created of holographic foil with adhesive applied and embossed to a sticker of required size. When it’s embossed a thermo-transfer printer applies your data with special ink (black, red, green and blue color). Holographic foil colors available are golden and silver.

Currently we offer 10 standard backgrounds:
All rights for the above images are protected by IHMA certificate.
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