Holographic marking

JSC “HOLOGRAPHY INDUSTRY” offers the service of making stickers and labels with a matrix code (QR-code, Data Matrix, etc.), as well as applying a matrix code to finished packaging or a label. Applying special matrix codes to your products will indicate its authenticity and quality.

The information encrypted in codes can be easily read by the buyer using a simple application on a smartphone.

The information contained in the matrix code can be absolutely diverse: from a simple link to the manufacturer’s website to information about the transition of goods along the supply chain.

Working with us, you will not have to waste time creating a database with information for encryption — our specialists will take care of this. The finished database can be transferred to the client using any electronic media convenient for him.

In addition to standard stickers with a matrix code, we can also offer production of:

  • stickers with matrix code and holographic protection;
  • stickers with a matrix code and a scratch layer.
Holographic marking
Holographic marking
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