Multifunction Identification Device was developed and commercially produced jointly by “Holography Industry” JSC and Manufacturing Enterprise “S.I. Vavilov Minsk Mechanical Factory”. This device is aimed at security papers identification, documents, excise and control marks authentication. Multifunction Identification Device allows to visualize hidden images, luminescent protective marks and characters, identify microtext information, visualize moiré protective images and latent polarization images.

Многофункциональный идентификатор

Multifunction Identification Device

“Holography Industry” JSC produces a hidden Image ID IG-1-250, included into the Public Register of Authentication Devices for Security Papers and Documents with Specific Protective Level (№ 27, July, 7, 2008; expiry date — July, 6, 2009).

Идентификатор скрытого изображения ИГ-250

Identification Device of the hidden Image IG-250

Application field

Documents, security papers and commercial output protection. This device is aimed at security papers identification, excise and control marks authentication, particularly excises applied to tobacco goods. The device allows microtext identification (moire effect), protective images visualization.

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