Mastered The technology recording 2D, 2D/3D holograms and stereograms was mastered.

A holographic printer “Ahead Optoelectronics” (Taiwan) was purchased for digital recording of holograms.

The Cavomit system (Greece) was purchased for pressing the holographic foil onto a paper carrier, made on the basis of a cylindrical press from Heidelberg (Germany).

The company ordered a photoresist application unit, an optical table with equipment for recording analog holograms, equipment for electroforming (galvanic growth of matrices), a mechanical recombiner and equipment for finishing produced by “James River Products” (Richmond, USA).

Swiss-Belarusian joint venture “Holography Industry” JSC was founded.


The first generation hologram for tax stamps was developed.


The development of combined recording – analog recording and digital recording in one hologram.


The introduction of security hologram for “Cerebrolizin” medicine produced by Australian company “EBEWE”.


Swiss-Belarusian joint venture “Holography Industry” JSC was reorganized in joint stock company “Holography Industry”.

The first stage of unigram development. The development of a latent image on moiré basis.


The launch of the first 10 000 square meters of reflective layer for unigrams and tax stamps of the second generation.

The adoption of stamping by polymeric axes.


The unigram was protected by the patent Nr. 1869, 28.07.2004 “Security stamp of the product”.

The use of continuous image multiplication.

“Holography Industry” JSC won in the competition conducted among legal entities “The best entrepreneur of 2004” in the nomination “The best manufacturer of consumer goods among small-scale enterprises ” and also in the nomination “The development and implementation of high tech and innovation technologies”.


The record mode of the latent image as well as the visualization device were protected by the patent Nr. 2637, 04.08.2005 “Protector and identifier for securities and documents”.

Participation in the national scientific and technical program “Identification”.

Process of manufacture of metallized paper was protected by the joint patent Nr. 2709, 14.11.2005 “Metallized paper”.


The technology of a holographic image on the metal (silver) was worked out together with Kazakh Mint.

“Holography Industry” JSC won in the Belarusian republican competition “The best product of the year 2006 – customer choice” in the nomination “For the development of innovation technologies in the sphere of high security of food commodity market in the Republic of Belarus”.


The company became a member of the International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA).

On the instructions of the National Bank of Republic of Belarus and in cooperation with Kazakh Mint a collection coin with a hologram was developed.

“Holography Industry” JSC won in the Belarusian republican competition “The best product of the year 2007 – customer choice” in the nomination “For the development of innovation technologies in the sphere of high security of food commodity market in Republic of Belarus”.

“Holography Industry” JSC took part in the 4th Forum “HOLOEXPO-2007” and in a workshop conference “Holography in Russia and abroad. Science and practice”, Moscow.

The specialist of our company made a report at the 9th international conference-exhibitionHolo-pack Holo-print”, Hong Kong.

The company purchased the equipment for projection recording of holograms “Kinemax” (Poland).


The representatives of our company took part in the high security printing Cross-Conference, Prague.

The representatives of our company took part in the 5th International conference “Holography Expo 2008” in St. Petersburg with a report. The report presented the research results on the creation of optical diffractive structures with coding optical elements, and also proposed technical means for identifying these structures.

Under the invitation of the director of our company and the chairman of directors the General Secretary of the IHMA Mr. Ian Lankaster visited Minsk.

Our blister package with a holographic insert won an honorable diploma in the nomination “Package” at the conference “Holo-pack Holo-print 2008” in Toronto (Canada), November, 2008.


The representatives of the Trade Leaders’ Club awarded the Director of the enterprise Alexander Boboreko the International Europe Award “For quality” and the Gold Badge “Global Quality Management” in Madrid (Spain) as a sign of special distinction.

The company also received awards: “United Europe” (“United Europe”), “Best Enterprises” (“The best enterprises”).

The company joined the prestigious international Trade leaders’ club. At the 35th ceremony of presenting the “International award for the best trade name” the director of the enterprise Alexander Boboreko was awarded the Golden Prize “For the best trademark of the new millennium” and a diploma.

The company won the first degree diploma in the nomination “For the development of innovative technologies aimed at protecting the products of the food market of the Republic of Belarus” at the XI Republican competition “Product of the Year 2008”.


On 4th February our company got Grand Prix on the XII Republican Competition “The Product of the Year 2009”.

The company became a finalist in the Professional competition “Brand of the Year 2009” in the category “B2B Goods and Services”.

On the instructions of the National Bank of Republic of Belarus was made a hologram on the commemorative banknote “National Bank Republican Belarus. 20 year”.


The 1st World Exhibition “Holography-2011. Minsk” was organized and held.

Organization and holding of the 8th International Conference “HOLOEXPO-2011”.

JSC “Holography Industry” was bestowed with a code certificate СТБ ISO 9001-2009, confirming the fact that a quality management system conforms to the National standard СТБ ISO requirements. Moreover, the company has got a Code certificate acknowledging that the quality management system is in accordance with the international standard requirements DIEN EN ISO 9001:2008 of the quality management system.


The enterprise was awarded a gold medal and a diploma on the “GrandEtiketka-2012” competition in the “Security labels” nomination for the “Representative” holographic label.

Organization and holding of the 2nd World Exhibition “Holography-2012. Astana” in Astana (Republic of Kazakhstan).

In cooperation with the Lithuanian Mint and JSC “HOLOGRAPHY INDUSTRY”, a silver coin with a holographic image “STARS FLIGHT” was issued at the request of the island of Niue, dedicated to the first manned flight into space.

Organization and holding of the International Exhibition of Art Holograms “Holography-2013. Vitebsk”.

The company became a laureate of the International European Prize “Arch of Europe” in Frankfurt for quality and technologies.


Employees of the enterprise received the State Prize of the Republic of Belarus in the field of science and technology in 2012 for the work “Development and large-scale implementation of national means of protecting documents, securities and especially valuable objects based on holographic methods.” The prize was awarded to Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chief Adviser of JSC “HOLOGRAPHY INDUSTRY”, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics Leonid Tanin and to Deputy Director for Science and Innovation Activity, Head of the Science and Innovation Activity Department, candidate of technical Sciences, Petr Moiseenko.

At the VI Astana Economic Faorum between the Kazakhstan JSC “National Scientific and Technological Holding ‘Parasat’”, LLP “AlemBailanys” and the Belarusian enterprises JSC “HOLOGRAPHН INDUSTRY” and LLC “Light Magic”, was signed a constituent treaty of the establishment and activities of the Kazakh-Belarusian joint venture “Holography Kazakh-Bel”.

Organization and holding of the International Exhibition of Art Holograms “Holography-2013. Gomel”.


Organization and holding of the International Exhibition of Art Holograms “Holography-2014. Grodno”.

The company installed a digital printing machine Bizhub PRESS C 70hc, manufactured by Konica Minolta for the prompt response of printing orders.

In cooperation with the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus and the Lithuanian Mint, a commemorative coin “70 years of the liberation of Belarus from the Nazi invaders” with a hologram was produced.

Organization and holding of the International Exhibition of Art Holograms “Holography-2014. Minsk” in the National Historical Museum of Belarus. The exhibition was timed to the Ice Hockey World Championship.


JSC “HOLOGRAPHY INDUSTRY” was recognized as the winner of the “GrandEtiketka-2015” competition in nomination “the Security Labels” and was awarded a gold medal and a diploma for the holographic label “XXI century”.

Organization and holding of the exhibition-seminar of artistic holograms “Holography-2015. Zhodino”.

The company was listed on the Board of Honor by the decision No. 256 dated 03.24.2015 of the Pervomaisky district of Minsk administration.

The newest equipment was installed – a 6-color Mark Andy Perfomance P7 flexo printing machine.


Flexo machine Mark Andy Perfomance P7 has been upgraded to 8 sections.

The company has released the first flexographic label with the Cast&Cure effect for LLC “Barentsevo”.

The company’s employees took part in the international holographic conference “HOLOEXPO-2016”.


The first meters of the reflective layer for the next generation excise stamps based on the crystallogram was launched.

Eurasian patents were obtained:
No. 027391 “A method of manufacturing an optical polarizing security element and the construction of the element manufactured by this method”,
No. 027392 “Identifier of the latent polarized image”,
No. 027446 “Document with information security”.

The latest generation Kinemax hologram projection recording equipment was purchased.

Organization and holding of an exhibition-seminar on the topic “JSC ‘HOLOGRAPHY INDUSTRY’ – as an example of public and private partnership of enterprises-shareholders in the field of innovative science-intensive holographic technologies”.


The employees of the enterprise Petr Moiseenko and Petr Shashkov were awarded medals “For Labor Merit”. This high state awards were awarded by the decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus “On rewarding” (No. 359 of September 4, 2018).

Development of the second combined flexographic hologram label for JSC “Minsk Kristall”.

The company mastered the technological cycle of developing complex 3D-models, manufacturing natural models using 3D-printing and their analog holographic recording according to the classical Leita-Upatnieks scheme.

Organization and holding of the exhibition of artistic holograms “Holography-2018. Minsk” under the motto “Education. Cognition. Progress” in the National Library of the Republic of Belarus.

Was gained a diploma of the competition “The best goods of the Republic of Belarus” in the nomination “Best in the region” for achieving high results in ensuring the quality and safety of products.

Participation in the exhibition “Mint Lion-2017”.

The first combined flexographic label with a hologram “Kupalskaya” was made for JSC “Brest distillery ‘Belalko’”.

The Mark Andy Perfomance P7 printing machine was equipped with stencil, stamping and receiving modules.


The company was recognized as a laureate in the nomination “Products for industrial and technical purposes” at the competition “The best goods of the Republic of Belarus” in May 2019.

From June 18 to June 21, 2019 the company took part in the Printech-2019 exhibition.

On June 27, 2019, the company took part in social life in the framework of the 50th anniversary of the formation of the Pervomaisky district of Minsk.

On July 4, 2019, in Minsk, the director of the enterprise, Alexander Boboreko, was announced as a laureate of the competition “Business Man-2019” in the nomination “For increasing the prestige of the brand ‘Made in Belarus’”

The company participated in IHMA holographic conference in Minsk on November 15–16. In the nominations “Excellence in holography”; “For the best decorative and packaging product” the company was awarded a diploma of the International Association of Hologram Manufacturers (IHMA) “For modern approaches in labeling”. In the nominations “Excellence in Holography”, “For the Achievements of All Professional Life” Leonid Tanin was awarded a special prize from the International Association of Hologram Manufacturers (IHMA).

On November 29, 2019, within the framework of the meeting of the International Congress of Entrepreneurs of the EAEU in the House of Unions in Moscow, Leonid Tanin was awarded the title of laureate of the National Greatness Prize for highly effective professional activity and impeccable reputation in the “Reliable Partner” nomination.

On December 11, 2019, as part of the event dedicated to summing up the results of 2019 in the field of intellectual property and awarding the winners of the competition for creating social advertising in the field of intellectual property, Leonid Tanin was awarded the medal “For Invention” of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO, headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland) for unique achievements in the field of science and technology.

The combined flexographic labels with a hologram – “Black Pearl” and “Old Legends” were made and shipped for LLC “Bulbash Plant”.

The third narrow-format holographic embossing machine was purchased.


The first samples of products with holograms and applying two-dimensional barcodes to them.

The equipment for marking has purchased: AROJET X6 – a high-speed digital industrial inkjet UV printer for printing variable data.

The development of a new direction of the enterprise’s activity has begun – product marking with two-dimensional bar-codes and numbering in industrial volumes.

On March 25, 2020, the company was certified according to the standards and requirements of Intergraf with the receipt of the ISO 14298 certificate “Printing technology. Security Printing Processes Management”.

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